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Writing Zero is a book written for you, a business professional who wants to start or getting back into that "writing project" that you have been putting off for a long time. You want to complete that project with speed and with ease. If I am promising speed and ease when you write, I have to follow my own advice. So, I wrote this book in 11 hours 19 minutes over 8 days. To prove this was the case, I recorded the entire writing process on a screen cam. A time lapse style video with these recordings is coming soon.

The book starts with three real-life publishing stories, the reasons for resistance to writing, the nuts and bolts of writing. The book also includes a toolbox of ideas and concepts that have helped me to write over 14 books and over 2,000 blog posts all with speed and ease.

Take a look this short video capturing some of the highlights of the writing "Writing Zero."

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If you are convinced by now, please sign up below to be notified when the book comes out. You will also see a 3-minute behind the scenes video of how it all happened in the "Thank You" page. The video brings the highlights of the screen recordings of the entire 11 hour 19 minutes of writing. You will be looking over my shoulders as I craft the book. The recording process itself provided a booster shot to complete the book in record time. 

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You have been wanting to write, but...

You are a business professional. You have that "writing project" on your mind for a long time. It might even have been on your bucket list.  You also know that undertaking that writing project will help you and your business now and in the long-term. You want to do it, but for some reason or the other you are postponing it. Being smart, you have really good excuses for not starting on that project. 

Or, you may be in the other camp. You have written a book (or two) and it was rather painful. Now you want to write one or two more, only this time you want to do it fast and with ease. You are looking for a blend of inspiration, ideas and instruction on how to make that happen.

In summary, you have a message that you want to share with this world via writing. You have come to the write right place!

OK, who is this book not for?

Your time is important and I respect it. If you are writing any kind of fiction, there is not much I am offering in this book. You will benefit from the material in general, but the focus is entirely on business writing.

What will the book cover?

The first section of the book focuses on inspiration. You will read three "behind-the-scenes" publishing stories. 

  • 1000 Days | This is a story of a combination of naivety and persistence. The book gets published after a series of rejections over 3.5 years, making the entire journey a mini story by itself.
  • 100 Days | This is a story of a publication of a technical book and how it generated leads that led to more than a million dollars in business.
  • 1 Day | As you might have guessed this entire publication story (from writing, designing, publishing and selling online) happens over a period of one day.

The second section is about resistance - the reasons behind not taking action to start on your writing project. 

The third section is the nuts and bolts section where we expand on the following:

  • Why?
  • Why You?
  • What?
  • Why Now?
  • How?
  • What Next?

The fourth section is where we open up the writing toolbox. I share several tools (methods and concepts) that have hugely benefited me over the years. 

  • Kiruba Shankar, Entrepreneur, Podcaster and Organizer of
    “Let me tell you why I'm extremely bullish for Rajesh Setty's new book, 'Writing Zero'. Every year, I organize an offsite event called 'Bucketlist Bootcamp' that helps people turn their life goals to reality. I found that in most people's bucket-list, "Author a Book" ranked consistently high. Many people want to author a book but are very intimidated at the big goal. Rajesh's book is like a friend who holds your hand and encouragingly leads you towards the finish line. Rajesh speaks from his own authoring experience and first time authors can beautifully relate to him. I like this book so much that I'm including this as a resource material for the annual 'Book Authoring Retreat' I conduct. Highly recommended.”
    Kiruba Shankar, Entrepreneur, Podcaster and Organizer of "Book Authoring Retreat"

Why did I write this book?

This question can have many meanings, but there are two important interpretations. Let me cover both of them.

1. Why did I write this book?

For starters, I have been writing for a very LONG time. My first book was published when I was thirteen years old. I worked as a journalist at a local newspaper starting at that age and wrote hundreds of articles. My first six books were published before I was seventeen.

I started writing business books in 2005. My first business book was Beyond Code (foreword by Tom Peters) followed by several other ones including three manifestos on ChangeThis.com. In parallel, I have published over 1900 blog posts on my blog. Plus, I have written for Huffington Post, YourStory.com, VentureBeat, Sandhill.com and over at LinkedIn and Medium.

I have written, spoken and taught classes on storytelling.

I have used what I share in the book to create content assets, use several of them to market and generate leads for one or more of startups that I have co-founded over the years.

Last, but not the least, I am passionate about this topic and continue to learn at a rapid pace. I have collected some of the best insights that have helped me to be a better writer and packaged them in this book.

I hope that answers the first question.

2. Why did I write this book?

 Every week, I meet one or two business professionals who share with me that they want to write a book, one day. Some of them want to start a blog at the least. Most of them rarely end up doing either one of them BECAUSE they are busy. In their mind, this whole writing thing takes a lot of time and they just don't have that time.

This book was an attempt to share a blend of inspiration, ideas and instruction AND prove to them that there is a better way if they pick a topic they are passionate about and have deep expertise on.

  • Michael Stelzner | Founder, Social Media Examiner, Author of
    "Does the lack of time keep slamming the door on that book inside of you? Then Rajesh Setty's new book is just the key you needed to unlock your next book. Read it. Then get to work."
    Michael Stelzner | Founder, Social Media Examiner, Author of "Launch" and "Writing White Papers"

How I wrote this book...

If this is a book about writing fast and with ease, I had to prove that this is the case while writing this book. In short, from concept to first good draft, the total writing time was 11 hours 19 minutes spread over 8 days (from Dec 25, 2014 to Jan 3, 2015). I wrote the book in 20 different sessions each session ranging anywhere from 6 minutes to around an hour. To prove that, the entire writing process was recorded via a screen cam

It started off as an idea from my mentor Opher Brayer (website) as we were discussing what is something that is easy and fun for me that is very valuable to someone else. Writing happened to be one of them. Opher wanted to dissect how I think, approach and act on my writing. So, he suggested that I record the entire writing process. Of course, the side benefit of the screen recording had an entirely different (very positive) effect. 

Here are two things that helped me complete writing the book fast and with ease.

The power of intense focus

 I have to admit - writing while being recorded was not fun for the first 3-4 sessions. I had a feeling that I was in prison being punished for some crime. Soon, I got used to it. Then the real fun began - the sessions were filled with "intense, short bursts of fast-action writing." In fact, it could not be any other way as there was no room for goofing off on the Internet while being recorded. This heavily contributed to the "fast" part of the equation.

The topic was at the intersection of passion and competence

I claim no mastery in writing. I continue to be an ardent student of the craft. However, after writing over 14 books, 2000+ blog posts and teaching storytelling for years, I have collected a bunch of insights that could be packaged and shared for the benefit of others. This heavily contributed to the "ease" part of the equation.

Note: I was able to cheat a little bit in the entire journey as I was able tor re-use some of the previously written content on the related topics.

What can you expect from reading this book?

Nothing. Yes, if you just read the book and stop, it will just be intellectual entertainment. Yes, I am being a bit fastidious here, but you get the point. I have written the book as a blend of inspiration, ideas and instructions. It will be good reading and it can also produce results if you start acting in parallel.

Here is what I promise in more detail:

Inspiration: I picked three stories with varying elapsed times. The 1,000 word story is about the naivety and persistence. Ignorance, in this case, was a bliss of some sort. 

Ideas: In "The Works" section, I talk about the "nuts and bolts" of business writing. 

Instructions: In "The Toolbox" section, I have included a number of things that have helped me tremendously to write fast and with ease. The list is not complete, but it should give you a good start.

I do hope that you won't wait until you finish reading the book in its entirety before embarking on that long-pending project.

Interested to learn more?

The book is currently being edited. After that, a series of things (proofreading, layout, cover design, printing, publishing, packaging) have to happen. You can join the "Writing Zero Insider" list to get notified. You will also get more tips, ideas and inspiration along the way. You will also see a 3-minute "behind-the-scenes" video of how it all happened. The video brings the highlights of the screen recordings of the entire 11 hour 19 minutes of writing. You will be looking over my shoulders as I craft the book. As you read earlier, the recording process itself provided a booster shot to complete the book in record time. 

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